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All That Love on Instagram

Head to Instagram and search for #Thathing, you will find loads of pictures submitted by people like you -  our super cool fans! From posing before the camera at events to flaunting your latest buys, it's all there in a single space. We are awed by how much we got...


New Launch - All Purpose Duffel Bags

“European sailors hundreds of years ago started making sea bags out of a heavy cloth they also used, to repair torn sails. It was made in Duffel, Belgium. That’s how the bag got its name.” Whether you're camping, travelling or heading to the gym, there's a bag for every occasion....


Frames Your Walls Need Right Now

What need did the cavemen have to go through all the trouble of painting the place where he essentially lived? Since all their actions were guided by motive, one could argue that the paintings were of some purpose or benefit to the cavemen. Modern times have replaced the caves with...


Get Featured on Thathing!

Candid pictures are happiness captured in a moment. Here at Thathing we believe that happiness proliferates when it is shared and with all the love we have been getting from you guys, we are beaming with joy! So, we want to spread this joy further by bringing you on-board. Share...


Fabulous Spinning Wednesday Offers

It’s a profound truth that to achieve something great, one has to come out of their comfort zone.  We say, “Not necessarily”. All you need to do is, land on our Instagram Page every Wednesday to find great discounts and offers! Spinning Wednesdays is a brand-new initiative by us, that...