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New Launch - All Purpose Duffel Bags

New Launch - All Purpose Duffel Bags

“European sailors hundreds of years ago started making sea bags out of a heavy cloth they also used, to repair torn sails. It was made in Duffel, Belgium. That’s how the bag got its name.”

Whether you're camping, travelling or heading to the gym, there's a bag for every occasion. Most of the times your bag is the last thing you pick up before leaving home, and a good bag can accent your entire look.

When it comes to Duffel bags, we're talking a whole lot more than just utility. A bag is your accessory alternative to arm candy! It has to look stylish or at the very least, sturdy.

We’ve recently launched a collection of Duffel Bags. Unisex, sturdy and super cool - our Duffel Bags are made of soft PU leather with fabric lining inside. Strong and durable, it includes one big compartment with a zip closure enclosing 2 small pockets and 1 zip pocket making it super spacious, yet compact enough to be cabin-size.

Stash a picture, a flask, and yeah, some cash, in that durable sidekick.  Hit the open road or the open seas. And come back with a story your Grandpa would be proud of. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to get yourself this sturdy piece.

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